WiFi high-performance Serial Device Server Promotes Development of Smart City

In the smart cities we live in, some industries have strict requirements for quick data collection to monitoring platforms, and need to make responsive measures promptly and effectively in the face of unexpected situations. Smart power, smart agriculture and so on are respective among them. The generation and development of the WiFi high-performance series of the serial device server has become a weapon for the related industries to move toward the forefront of wisdom.


Without development, the function of transfer serial port to network port provided by the serial device server can be used to easily realize transparent data transmission between serial port (RS-232/485/422) and Ethernet, which saves manpower, material resources and development time. It is suitable for Ethernet networking applications such as gate switch, machine room monitoring, large machine tools, injection molding machines, medical equipment, instrumentation, PLC industrial equipment.


The high-performance series of WIFI serial device server focus on higher and faster performance serial device server, with disconnection reconnection mechanism and virtual serial port docking function. And it is small in size and short in development, and supports DHCP+DNS resolution. Network remote data transmission can also be realized through transparent transmission clouds.


The USR-W610, a single-port WiFi serial device server developed and produced by leading brand of USR in China's Internet of Things industry, is taken as an example. It focuses on transparent transmission and stability. Specifically, the main features are:


       1.The cost performance is high.

  2.The conversion of WiFi to network port is supported.

       3.Modbus TCP/RTU inter-rotation polling is supported. After upgrade and iterations, it has a more powerful functional design, and uses dual port power + Modbus polling.

    4.Wide temperature and wide pressure. The industrial grade standard design is used to adapt to the needs of temperature and voltage of various application site .

       5.Electrical fast pulse group EFT. When the instantaneous large current (such as lightning strike, power switching, etc.) occurs in the line, the equipment hardware is not damaged.

       6.Electrostatic protection ESD. The static damage to equipment is prevented, such as: dust static electricity, electric environment arcing, etc.

       7.Watchdog. Well-designed external watchdog circuit can stably operate, without downtime in 24 hours ,

 Features of Serial to WiFi Converter USR-W610

Under the work mode such as transparent transmission mode, HTTPD Client mode and AT command mode due to its own routing function,  the USR-W610 can be wired or WiFi-connected by its own to remotely read the data of meter, which saves manpower and material resources and facilitates the sudden response measures; the data is quickly collected in the monitoring and management platform to facilitate urban electricity management and realize smart cities. Specific to smart agriculture, such equipment can monitor data such as the status of the shed, water resources, expenditures and input utilization; the farmland information is obtained, sudden natural disasters are monitored and forewarned, and standardized control is conducted; the operation is fully automated, without manual intervention, which saves manpower and achieves precise agricultural control. In addition, the serial device server's Wi-Fi high-performance series is also very prominent in industrial inspection. It can choose WiFi or wired connection according to the site environment, with high accuracy, which ensures exhaustive monitoring .


The regionality and livability of a smart city become a city card to a certain extent. Based on the development of Internet of Things technology, IOT branches such as serial device servers become an important support for the development of smart cities. It become the source of power for the development of smart cities to make the city smarter.