How to set up many functions for industrial 4G routers

After being installed the SIM card, the industrial 4G router can be connected to the Internet after power-on, plugging in the WIFI and 4G antenna. Generally, the related functions of the industrial 4G router G806 that need to be set in are completed in the setting page.


Networking settings of the industrial 4G router

The networking mode of the industrial 4G router can be divided into WAN port + 4G and dual LAN port plus 4G networking mode, as for selecting which method for networking, it can be realized through the on-site networking method. For details, please refer to the industrial router application industry. The networking settings can be set through the “Mode Selection” under the “Network Port Mode” menu on the G806 Settings page.


VPN settings of the industrial 4G router

Currently, the USR-G806 VPN includes PPTP, L2TP, IPSEC, OPENVPN, GRE, and SSTP protocols, and the transmission protocol can be selected according to actual applications. In the Settings page, select "Network Port" - "Interface" - "Add New Interface". When creating a new interface, select the protocol mode and set the VPN server address, user name, password and other parameters.


User password settings of the industrial 4G router

Log in to the G806 settings main page, first modify the default password. Under the "System" - "Management" menu, modify the default password.

Factory reset of the industrial 4G router

Press the Reload button for more than 5s and then release, the router will reset the factory settings and restart.

Firmware upgrade settings of the industrial 4G router

Log in to the settings page, in the "System" - "Backup / Upgrade" interface, tick the firmware upgrade check, upload files.


Peanut Shell NAT settings of the industrial 4G router

In the login settings page, select "Services" - "Peanut Shell NAT" for simple settings, please see for details about setting the public IP address through the peanut shell.