CES Show Review: Another Big Move of USRIOT

USRIOT exhibits latest M2M products on Las Vegas CES Show on January 5 to 8, 2017. The exhibition attracts many visitors to consult USR products, which lays the foundation for USRIOT to further expand overseas market.


The largest International electronics show, fifty-year-old CES Show, ends perfectly in Las Vegas. More than 170000 people participate in the show, which fully shows the large scale and strong profession of CES Show. Not only exhibitors are strong, also audience are professional in CES. They can directly discuss professional questions without too much explanation, when they see USR products.


USRIOT booth is located in Sands Expo whose theme is smart home & wireless. Soon after the show begins, there are some old customers to consult USRIOT products. These customers are invited by USRIOT to seek technical support. Because of their familiarity with USRIOT products, they temporarily act as a narrator to introduce products for visitors. There are also some audience visiting USRIOT booth especially, when they see USRIOT on Exhibitor List.


Texas agents for supporting USRIOT (the left one and the right one)


Long-term cooperation clients in USA

USRIOT is experted at industrial IOT communication in the domestic. Its self-developed industrial 3G/4G router and DTU enioy a high reputation on the market. Visitors from USA, Canada and EU discuss technical questions and purchase sample on site.


California client highly praises USR WIFI products and try 4G products on CES.


Clients watching USRIOT advertising video.


Test USR-G806 in Las Vegas


USR-G806 supports T-Mobile USA.


USR-G806-A test result in T-Mobile USA network.

Most clients express a keen interest in USRIOT industrial 4G router. They expect USRIOT can develop more excellent products such as USR-G806 in the coming days.