4G routers used in unmanned engine room remote monitoring


In recent years, due to the increasing amount of information and communication and increase security room is increasingly apparent, especially for some key sectors and enterprises, the engine room of these units if the accident will directly affect the normal office units, are more likely to lead to other ACCIDENT. For a long time, unable to monitor the working status of the engine room, how to ensure the normal operation of the system within the room has become a major issue.

With the realization of dispatching integrated automation transformation, achieved through a remote room environment monitoring (temperature, humidity, fireworks, etc.) become the unmanned engine room urgent problems. The wireless communication as a convenient and efficient means of communication has been adopted by many industries, electricity engine room unattended remote monitoring system uses advanced GPRS network, set the computer, communications, electronics, automatic control and other advanced technology in one, after the implementation of the monitoring center managers can control the terminal by the relevant equipment and the environment for real-time monitoring. In case of an accident or emergency alarm, in the form of sound and light alarms notify the appropriate personnel, promptly take appropriate measures to control losses from increasing.

System components

The system consists of a local monitoring center computer room temperature and humidity sensors, smoke devices, signal converters, computer network and monitoring components. Remote monitoring terminal device will be unattended room temperature and humidity and smoke signal acquisition, through 3G / 4G wireless router transfers the data back to the control computer; computer monitor to receive data analysis software professional data, sorting displayed on screen for reference monitoring staff, and take appropriate action.

System Features

  1. the system is stable, fast signal data updates.
  2. ease of installation, use of the existing network without additional wiring.
  3. Hourly data archiving, retrieval for staff.
  4. Upload reserved port, the General Administration of the future can view all data in real time.
  5. sound and light alarm, rapid response to the duty officer.
  6. signals can be easily set alarm limit.

System Features of 4G routers USR-G800-42

Hardware Products

USR IOT Industrial 3G / 4G VPN Router is based on 3G / 4G LTE technology, which uses high-performance 32-bit processor, the embedded operating system design, perfect support for USB high-speed mode, its high-speed mobile data transmission capacity to meet financial industry different application requirements.

  • tunnel technology, encryption technology, key management and user authentication technologies and equipment to ensure the security of data transmission.
  • using high-performance 32-bit industrial-grade wireless communications processor module
  • support serial DTU function
  • Built-in 3G / 4G LTE industrial modules, supports 4G (TDD LTE / FDD LTE), EVDO, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, backward compatible CDMA1x, EDGE / GPRS
  • support VPN, APN special network access
  • support local, remote platform firmware / patch upgrades
  • providing system local log and remote log transmission network to achieve real-time monitoring
  • optional support for WLAN function can be customized AP mode, Station mode, Repeater mode
  • support LCP detection, ICMP detection, interface traffic detection, heartbeat packet detection link detection