GPRS/3G/4G Modem Module Charging Pile Networking Solution

Introduction of Charging Pile Industry:

Under the background of vigorously promoting the application of new energy vehicles in China, China has become a huge incremental market for the explosive growth of new energy vehicles in the world. With the promotion of new technologies such as big data and Internet of Things, charging pile/station is not only the basic equipment of new energy vehicles, but also an important intelligent connection and contact point of "people, vehicles and services". Therefore, based on big data and the Internet of Things, the construction of charging facilities has developed rapidly, and the demand for charging piles continues to grow. USRIOT provides a multi-dimensional solution for charging piles to meet the networking needs of the charging pile industry. USRIOT helps charging pile manufacturers, charging pile operators and commercial charging service providers to realize the operation and management of charging piles.

USRIOT GPRS Modem/Module/3G modem/Module/4G Modem/Module Charging Pile System

The charging pile is mainly composed of pile body, measuring module and electrical module. The foundation structure is similar to low-voltage distribution cabinet. The charging pile is mainly divided into AC charging pile and DC charging pile.

AC charging pile power is about several KW, suitable for slow charging, generally has RS485 or RS232 interface, through the DTU to upload the charging data to the cloud, and calculate fee deduction through the cloud application.

DC charging pile power is usually tens of KW, providing fast charging services, mainly used in various types of charging stations, highways and other fast charging occasions.



1. Modem Scheme

Application of USRIOT Modem USR-GPRS-730 in data uploading of charging pile:

The charging pile system consists of charging pile, USRIOT modem, back-end network management platform, data management center and various APP applications based on the Internet. The charging pile has RS232 or RS485 interface. It connects directly USR-GPRS-730 through serial port. Through modem data transmission function, the charging pile data is transferred to the server through GPRS network to realize the charging pile data networking. Charging pile operators can carry out remote real-time monitoring and maintenance.



networking of USRIOT cellular modem:The charging pile system consists of charging pile, USRIOT Modem


GPRS modem Scheme


2. Low Cost Embedded Solution

With the fierce competition in the charging pile industry, many charging pile manufacturers and operators directly embed GPRS communication module into the main board to reduce costs.



The main board is communicated through UART and MCU to realize data uploading.


low cost solution of USRIOT cellular modem

GPRS module solution



3. 4G Industrial Router Scheme

In the charging station project, some customers will have both serial port networking and video surveillance and remote advertising system updates requires, recommending the use of 4G industrial router USR-G800