Application of Cellular Modem in Intelligent Power and Public Utilities

With the emergence of renewable energy and the digitization, decentralization, and consumption of energy, the USRIOT cloud provides power and public utilities companies with tools to help them cope with new business models, deliver energy more reliably, and implement more intelligent, more decentralized grid structures. USRIOT provides a solid communications foundation for power and public utilities companies, helping them focus on delivering the best customer experience, achieving operational and cost-effectiveness while meeting the demand, and flexibly developing their business models, making reform in the rapidly changing industry, and realizing the industry transformation with its key business insights.


Understand why power and public utilities customers choose to innovate on USRIOT


Operation efficiency and excellent operation

USRIOT offers flexible, cost-effective computing and storage capabilities and safe, simple and reliable 4G cellular modem communications devices. Therefore, you can quickly preset resources to run demanding, high-performance workloads, such as demand response and weather forecasting.


Safety, compliance and reliability

With USRIOT, you can use a scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure, this infrastructure also provides support for USR.


Shorten business insight time

Use a large number of latest analytical tools to coordinate large amounts of data, so as to to obtain insights and innovations on how to generate, preset, and consume energy.


Quickly create innovative application programs

The development platform provided by USRIOT facilitates the rapid development of new and innovative application programs, such as detecting and handling outages or helping consumers manage energy usage. Shorten the time spent on infrastructure and spend more time building application programs so as to deliver a better customer experience.


Power and public utilities companies achieve higher value after adopting cloud

 The power and public utilities industries are undergoing a digital transformation. What is behind this evolution is the opportunity to use data and analysis to make better business decisions and achieve better results, with a focus on delivering the best customer experience.

This technology hotspot discusses key trends affecting cloud adoption in the power and public utilities industries, as well as the technologies behind that helps companies achieve digital transformation.