Technical FAQ

Send Serial Break Signal on USR-TCP232-304
Technical Support on AT commands
This FAQ is to solve the problem of serial device server-USR-TCP232-302: Unable to Use as RS232 Port.
If you have Ethernet Module USR-TCP232-E2 Self Custom Website Problem, please upgrade the E2 firmware, see the attachment for the steps:
httpd Client in Serial Port Settings. Here attached the information of HTTPD Client. For more information about the HTTPD Client Mode of serial device server USR-TCP232-304, please download from:
How to Connect IO Controller USR-IO424T-GR to Cloud Console
FAQ of Industrial Cellular Modem USR-G785-E
Cellular router USR-G800V2 support wired WAN port, LAN port, WLAN network, and 4G network interface, support serial port to network data transmission function.
Hardware Design Introduction of GSM/GPRS Module USR-GM3 1.Typical Connection, 2.Power Interface 3.UART Interface 4.LED Output Control 5.Reset, Reload and Wake up 6.Start/shutdown device interface
USR-GM3 is a highly-integrated UART to GSM / GPRS module in tiny size, which can be embedded in your pcb design to easily make communication among serial device, cellphone and network device.