Which else have more Practical Serial Device Server Brand Than MOXA?

 As a leader in the field of serial device servers, MOXA is known to all. There are enormous industrial manufacturers who choose MOXA serial device server. Similarly, the stability of the MOXA serial device server has been extolled by many manufacturers. However, as an industrial manufacturer, can we consider the domestic cost-effective serial device server brand? These serial device server manufacturers have been quite competitive after years of arduous development.


First and foremost, the price of the MOXA serial device server is a bit high! For just a single-port RS232 serial port network server (model Nport5110A), the price on Taobao is generally above 700 yuan. The price of RS232/485 dual ports serial device server (model Nport5230A) is more than 1,300 yuan. The price of the four ports serial device server (model is Nport5430) is more than 2,000 yuan. Such high prices (which may include tariffs, etc.) have led many industrial companies shocked. At the same time, its many functions are not necessary for us after the careful study of MOXA serial device server. For instance, in the communication protocol, the three protocols of Telnet, SNMP and SMTP supported by the serial device of MOXA are rarely used by domestic manufacturers. As a standard protocol for the Internet remote login service, the Telnet protocol provides users with the ability to complete remote host work on a local computer. The drawback is that this protocol has no visual interface and is inconvenient to use. Its function can be replaced by most serial port setting software. The SMTP protocol is related to sending and receiving emails, and the SNMP protocol is a simple management of monitoring serial device servers. At the same time, MOXA's four ports serial device server is also provided with an electronic display screen. The practical value of these additional protocols and functions in China has become lower and lower. It is true that the stability and protection of MOXA serial device servers are unmatched by all domestic industrial manufacturers, but most of domestic serial device servers with much cheaper price and sufficient functions to develop can be also chosen.


When serial device server is searched at Taobao, there are mainly two manufacturers with high sales volume and good reputation. USRIOT and Zhuolan. This article focus on the serial device server of USRIOT to carry out evaluation, and ZLAN will be evaluated next time.


After entering the online shop of USRIOT, the price of the serial device server is much cheaper than MOXA. The price of the single-port RS232 serial device server (model is USR-TCP232-200) is 118 yuan, the price of RS232/485 dual ports serial device server (model is USR-TCP232-310) is 159 yuan, the price of RS232 & 485 dual ports serial device server (model is USR-TCP232-410s) is 188 yuan, the price of the four ports serial device server (model is USR-N540) is 498 yuan. The price is very sensitive to people's needs. After entering into the store to look at the evaluation of each product, they are basically all praised. It is worth mentioning that the instruction manual and supporting software of each product can be downloaded after entering the official website www.usriot.com, where the information is very completed. Because the project recently needs to use a dual ports serial device server, TCP232-410s under USRIOT is purchased by holding tried state of mind.


After receiving the goods, uaually users were very nervous to test the communication status of the serial device server. It was also equipped with a serial debugging assistant on its official website, which allowed users to debug easily. After it was connected, sending and receiving data was very simple.

 serial device server

At the same time, this serial device server is also provided with built-in web pages, custom web pages, network printing and Modbus gateways. The built-in web page is quite convenient to use, and its connection is easy.

serial device server


USRIOT makes the serial port network connection very simple, which is very easy to use. More detailed stability and other functions need to be gradually checked during long-term operation. At the same time, the factory service is also very perfect. As long as there is a operation problem, after just submitting your own questions at their customer support center h.usr.cn, there will be a professional customer service staff to quickly solve your problem. And once our project has selected a server of USRIOT, the merchant will also take the offline FAE staff to track the service and quickly solve some problems. This is not available when using MOXA products. MOXA is mostly made by agents in the mainland, so the timeliness of services is relatively slow. In short, all aspects of the serial device server of USRIOT are very satisfactory, and USRIOT is becoming a well-known serial device server brand.