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What should be done if the industrial Modem can not be connected to the configuration tool? -USRIOT
Topological graph of industrial 4G router connectionG806VPN settings1.Setting of VPN serverAdd VPN port: network-port-add port-choose PPTP protocolSet the corre
Key word: USR-G781 HTTPD_Client POST 1.HTTPD Client is mainly applied in webpage servers, and industrial modem-USR-G781 can send data to the webpage server. The
Brief introductionWhen using industrial router USR-G806, users may shield some network, so we need to set blacklist to shield. Problem analysis and reason for t
Question:Running a testing environment in US for a Pilot project in Australia. Since our factory sent us this Unit (AU) model , is there a way we can upgrade or change the firmware of AU model to US model? Or do we have to purchase a specific US model ? Issue seen : Device Does NOT connect to 3G/4G network at all.
This manual is to introduce the transparent transmission test procedure of USR-G761w(industrial modem).
4G module ACL functional switch +ZACLsyntactic structure Command Response
4G module setting message format+CMGF. 4G module setting command can be used to select the coding format of message, and there are two modes of format, namely PDU mode and text mode, which is decided by parameter.
GSM GPRS Module(USR-GM3) Write-IMEI-SN-code-User-Manual
User can use USR Cloud transparent transmission group to realize transparent transmission. This transparent transmission is between a pair of transparent transmission group(Whole devices in group one to whole devices in group two) and we test it by two 730 in two groups.