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The principle of the serial device server - USRIOT
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Note: RS485 serial port of USR-TCP232-410 can be connected to 32 devices utmost, and the number in bus protocol of the 485 is 200-plus. However, the actual conn
FAQ of Serial to Ethernet Converter-N510: Can't Send Hex Data when use Web-socket - USRIOT
Serial device server generally renew firmware through following ways. 1. Renewal through serial, which generally provided supporting software of upper computer 2. Renewal through TCP, UDP, FTP or TFTP protocol, which generally provides software of upper computer. 3. Renewal through http server, which is the common way for ordinary router to renew.
Q:【What is the product model?】:USR-TCP232-410S(serial to ethernet converter)【Where do you purchase the products?】:Online 【What's the firmware version?(You
Data is transmitted to V-COM through TCP232-302