Technical FAQ

SMS DTU transparent transmission mode setting method Set SMS transparent transmission mode two major commands AT+CIMOD=”MOD” Configuration module operating modes: MOD said operating mode, 0 means transparent transmission mode, 1 serial command mode, two said AT command mode, 3 HTTPD Client mode, four said messaging transparent transmission mode. Configuration command: AT + CIMOD = “4”
Send SMS to the target phone number(Module need to work in data Transmission mode). Mobile phones to send text messages to configure the module parameters setting parameters: IP, Netprotocol, remote port, admin, AT+CIPSCONT=1, “TCP”, “”, 10101, 1 Set the baud rate: admin,AT+CIPR=115200 Set the serial port, data bits, stop bits and parity admin,AT+ICF=3,3 Restart the
GPRS modules are connected server setting method 1. Module settings: server address and port 2. Setting method to connect to the server: 3. Server open TCP232-Test software, set up the network protocol for the TCP server.Listen to the local port 25568. GPRS modules to initiate the link to the server,you can see the module launched
1. Router setup method Check whether the WAN port to Public IP address, (WAN IP Address must be a public IP). Port Forwards port: 23419 IP: PC address 2. Set the module parameters 3. Computer connected to a wireless router openwrt 4. Check computer’s IP address 5. Check computer’s IP address 6. GPRS modems
GPRS / GSM modems using the AT commands query version number 1. AT command 2. Use software to set the module Returns the version number: V3.19
1. GPRS Modules Settings check whether the serial parameters of working parameters and the GPRS modules of GPRS modems agreement serial line, check whether it is normal check the line connection is normal check using the serial line sequence, TXD to RXD, RXD to TXD, GND to GND check whether electricity module, check module power
1. Open the software into the AT instruction set 2. Mobile phone card identification: Card not to identify: 3. Connected to the base station Not connected to the base station 4. To connect to the server Not connected to the server
Connect serial of GPRS modules with serial of PC, open USR-GPRS-DTU software to set AT command. 1.Query whether GPRS module can identify SIM card [Send] : AT+CIMI [Receive] : 460001142971927 [Note] : obtain IMSI The command is aimed to reading or identifying IMSI of SIM card 2.Query whether GPRS module can connect to the Internet
1.The product of the USR have AT command mode. If you forget your setting or make a wrong setting, you can enter AT command mode, inquire or change the setting. 2.The diagram of enter AT command is as follow. 3.We use the USR-TCP232-TEST software to send serial command. You can use your own serial software
Reasons of gibberish are as below: 1.The setting of baud rate, data bits, check bit are not matched between serial device any our converter. 2. Hardware Serial TTL RS232 RS485, they are different level types, cannot be connected directly. Need to be converted via 232 or 485 chip. It is wrong to link TTL to PC