Technical FAQ

For this application we will use two WIFI232-200. One of them work as AP and TCP server, One of them work as STA and TCP client.The client will connect to the server. 1. we should close the firewall and disable the network except wireless network. 2. Link the 5V adapter, antenna and your serial wire
There are two way, detail explantation as below: (Module only suitable for USR-WIFI232-A/B/C) 1. PC (Mobile) –>WIFI–>Module–>Lan cable–>Router Module as AP mode, Ethernet port set as WAN port. Chart as below: PC (Mobile) –>Lan cable–>Module–>WIFI–>Router Module as STA mode, Ethernet port set as LAN port. 2. Through AT command set it. Detail AT command as
Network Assistant software using WIFI external network control module USR-WIFI-ABC series modules, using a mobile phone network client software control serial assistant WIFI module. Connection requirements: Wifi module is set to STA mode, the module is connected to the router, the router can connect to the Internet Specific steps: 1. The module defaults to AP
This application, two wifi modules wireless networking WIFI point to point connection, as shown, so networking equipment for the user to build a transparent serial channel. Set as follows: (1) the left wifi module is set to AP mode, SSID and IP address of the default. Network protocol is set to TCP / Server mode
USR-WIFI232-B wifi module, set the AP mode, the module’s Ethernet port to connect to the Internet router, computer connection module AP mode SSID, computers can connect to the Internet. Set as follows Requirements: wifi modules through the serial port to the computer. Step by using the AT command set. As shown: send commands according to
WiFi232-B module, AP + STA mode setting method to access the Internet Router USR-WIFI232-B wifi module, STA mode connection with Internet access, AP connected to the computer. Computers can Internet access. Module is set to AP + STA mode. Access to a computer serial port module, open the AT command set of software, enter AT
1. Set the way: WiFi232 – T, for example, WiFi module serial connection computer serial port, computer WiFi connection. 2. Open the web page after modification parameter, enter the IP address on the browser 3. Set above parameters successfully, restart the WiFi module, can connect to the wireless router. 4. WiFi module serial connection
Computer communications within WiFi232 low power module and LAN 1. WiFi module connector AP: 2. Check Computer IP 3. Server Address Computer IP 4. VCOM software is set to TCP server‚ 5. 5. VCOM software
1. Connect your phone SSID WiFi Low power wifi modules High performance wifi modules 2. WiFi module default network parameters 2.1. Low power wifi modules 2.2. High performance wifi modules 3. Phone “network software” Connect WiFi module. IP: port 8899 4. To send data, the computer serial port receiving 5. Computer serial ports send data
PC remote connection WiFi modules Communications 1. AT command set module to connect the router to connect the server address 2. Set the server address in the wifi modules web (1) Low power wifi Modules setting (2) WiFi modules of high performance 3. Router setup method Check whether the WAN port to Public IP address