Technical FAQ

Wi-Fi Series modbus RTU to modbus TCP1.make PC join the wifi of moduleLogin ,the account and the password are both adminSet it AP mode, the IP :1
WiFi Mode One to One Transmission on USRcloud
USRIOT Serial to WiFi and Ethernet Converter-W610 USR-CLOUD Test1. login USR-CLOUD system(registration for first time)2. Add data model3. Add node4. Add device5.
RS485 GPRS Modem USR-GPRS-734 Modbus RTU Test - USRIOT
RS485 GSM Modem-USR-GPRS-734 Basic Communication Test
Send Serial Data to Server Using USR WIFI Converters
K2 Network Setting Commands
Industrial GSM Modem Using USR-cloud to Achieve One to two Communication
Industrial GSM Modem USR-GPRS232-734 Using USR-cloud to Achieve One to One Communication