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This manual is to introduce the transparent transmission test procedure of USR-G761w(industrial modem).
1.Login USR-CLOUD systemWebsite address: 2. Add two devices.CLOUD system(registration for first time)3. Add group list: device->group lis
Q:【What is the product model?】:USR-TCP232-410S(serial to ethernet converter)【Where do you purchase the products?】:Online 【What's the firmware version?(You
Data is transmitted to V-COM through TCP232-302
GSM Modems-USR-GPRS232-730 does not connect, at the AT command AT + CIMI comes the answer ERROR 58.
FAQs of Serial to Ethernet Converters
4G module ACL functional switch +ZACLsyntactic structure Command Response
File version: V1.0.01Jinan USR IOT Technology Co., Ltd.Connect PC to G781 LAN interface and power G781. And you need download a Xshell 5 software. Note: Please
OverviewThis manual is the RF test manual which includes the test preparation and test procedure. 1.Test preparation1.1.Hardware connectionHardware connection
USR-WIFI232-B(WIFI Module) RF tool RT5350QA User Manual