Technical FAQ

How to connect WiFi Module USR-C216 to PC? First, connect the serial port and network port of the USR-C216 to PC, if PC has no serial port, you can use USB to 232cable.
The Dimensions of WIFI Module USR-C216
Product OverviewThe hardware of Wifi Module USR-C216 is integrated into MAC, basic frequency chip and RF transceiver unit. Built-in low power operation mechanis
Similar to RFC2217 function, dynamically modifying serial port parameters from the network side. Sending data conforming to a specific protocol from the network side can modify the parameters of the serial port in real time. This modification is only temporary. After the module restarts, the original parameters can be restored.
Frame Forming Mechanism of industrial modem USR-G785-E
Work Modes of Industrial Modem USR-G785-E: Net Transparent Transmission Mode of Industrial Modem USR-G785-E. UDC Mode of Industrial Modem USR-G785-E
Hardware Introduction of Industrial Router USR-G806
How to connect Ethernet module USR-TCP232-T2? Computer should be set as follows:1.Shut down firewall and anti-virus software.2.Shut down unrelated network card,
1. Set AP mode to connect to 610 hotspots. 2. Set the STA mode, set the connection object is the router hotspot, the computer connects to the router hotspot, through the AT command to query AT + WANN query router assigned IP to 610. Log in to the 610 web page via this IP. 3. In STA mode, you can restore the factory value by hardware or AT command.
How to send AT commands by SMS?