Technical FAQ

This manual is to introduce configuration when doing the instrument test. 1.AT commands to change to instrument test 2.Related AT commands instructions.
1. Serial Device Servers Self-Test Buy serial device servers, the first thing is to do some basic tests to identify the serial device servers functionality are good or bad. Test serial device server is good or bad way: the 2,3 shorted wire, and then use the serial debugging assistant, manually send one (or more) bytes
This manual introduces the method to upgrade WiFi Module-USR-C322 Web Server.
This manual introduces the method to upgrade WiFi Module -USR-C322 firmware.
Abstract: the paper introduces the definition, appearance, birth, application, usage and relevant products of serial to Ethernet converter. What is serial to Et
Transparent transmission and security of industrial 4G routers.
Serial to Ethernet converter has provide resolution to access industrial devices directly through network, and there are two ways of connection those are direct connection and ethernet Connection.
Characterized by the advantage of interface integration, 4-port serial to Ethernet converters allow user to be worry-free from the diversity of interface, so that they enjoy a wide and important application in industrial weighting, wind power, industrial automation and other unmanned fields.
Industrial router is to provide user with wireless data transmission function using public wireless network.
What is serial Ethernet module? Serial Ethernet module is a device to realize transparent transmission between TCP/UDP data package and UART interface.