Technical FAQ

This article will introduce you to how to use the serial device server to connect the original serial device to the computer through the network.
Serial device server has a very wide application in the field of industrial control. Various problems will be also encountered in the actual application process. Here are some of the problems that are often encountered for the serial device server and its solutions.
USRIOT recently launched an eight-port serial device server USR-N668. All serial port package is RJ45 port form, and can be converted by RJ45 adapter board and DB9 pin serial port. However, if the pin definition of the eight ports serial device server is unclear, it will inevitably affect the connection situation in the project site.
The author is an old technician engaged in the integration of weak current systems for more than ten years. I personally experienced the step-by-step development of industrial communication technology from serial port (RS-232/485/422) to network (TCP/IP), where serial device server plays a decisive role in the whole process.
The Feature and KCC Certificates of Industry Grade Serial Device Server-USR-TCP232-410S
Why is the dual Serial Ports Serial Device Server USR-TCP232-410S Cost-effective?
This part introduces outstanding contribution of USRIOT to the industry, which will surely lead the healthy development of this field, and shine in the industrialization and information market, and promote the progress of social science and technology!
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User can use USR Cloud transparent transmission group to realize transparent transmission. This transparent transmission is between a pair of transparent transmission group(Whole devices in group one to whole devices in group two) and we test it by two 730 in two groups.