Technical FAQ

1. Serial Device Servers Self-Test Buy serial device servers, the first thing is to do some basic tests to identify the serial device servers functionality are good or bad. Test serial device server is good or bad way: the 2,3 shorted wire, and then use the serial debugging assistant, manually send one (or more) bytes
How to detect serial devece servers problem?, 1. can not open the serial port of the server software Ensure that the network’s normal working condition, can ping server View job status to see if the port is occupied If you are using realport See “COM PORT
This manual introduces OPENVPN Client function of Industrial 4g LTE Router( USR-G806 ).
GM3 Transparent Transmission 1.Plug in the SIM card. Connect the 5V adapter , serial cable and the antenna to the module. The work LED is blinking, that indicate the module is working. The GPRS LED is on, that indicate the module has linked to the GPRS network.
Q: How to use DDNS of industrial 4G routers? A: DDNS must used with IP of public network.   Q: How does industrial 4G Router fulfill
MAC address serial to ethernet converter is used to define the location of network, and it is the mark to identify the LAN knot given its uniqueness.
Serial to ethernet converter transfer serial data to TCP/IP data, whilst largely shortening the distance of transfer. As the application of serial to ethernet
Serial to ethernet converter are coming to be widely used in the industrial sector. There are several ways to set parameters of serial to ethernet converter as follows.
serial to ethernet converters are mainly used to transfer data from serial to network and allow serial device to connect TCP/IP network. In order to facilitate the use of serial device serve, there are some common questions and resolution of configuration of serial to ethernet converter as follows.
Serial to ethernet converters are widely applied in engineering control sector, and yet there are also various problems in practical application. Here are some common problems in the application of serial to ethernet converters and the resolutions as follows.