Technical FAQ

Hardware connection: 1\ make PC join the wifi of module A Login ,the account and the password are both admin Set it AP mode, the IP :
Question:【What is the product model?】:USR-W610 【Where do you purchase the products?】: 【What's the firmware version?(You can get firmware versio
Question:【What is the product model?】:GSM modem-usr-gprs-730 【Where do you purchase the products?】: 【Is this your first time to use this product
Backgroud:【What is the product model?】: Serial to WIFI converter-USR-WIFI232-610 【Is this your first time to use this product? If not how long do you use US
Note: RS485 serial port of USR-TCP232-410 can be connected to 32 devices utmost, and the number in bus protocol of the 485 is 200-plus. However, the actual conn
Topological graph of industrial 4G router connectionG806VPN settings1.Setting of VPN serverAdd VPN port: network-port-add port-choose PPTP protocolSet the corre
Key word: USR-G781 HTTPD_Client POST 1.HTTPD Client is mainly applied in webpage servers, and industrial modem-USR-G781 can send data to the webpage server. The
Brief introduction When using industrial router USR-G806 , users may only allow intranet to access designated websites, so we need to set whitelist so that int
Network Topological structure:Under the host mode, network-side can inquire or set input or output port through command; in the meantime, 485 serial can also co
Brief introductionWhen using industrial router USR-G806, users may shield some network, so we need to set blacklist to shield. Problem analysis and reason for t