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Question:Running a testing environment in US for a Pilot project in Australia. Since our factory sent us this Unit (AU) model , is there a way we can upgrade or change the firmware of AU model to US model? Or do we have to purchase a specific US model ? Issue seen : Device Does NOT connect to 3G/4G network at all.
FAQ of Serial to Ethernet Converter-N510: Can't Send Hex Data when use Web-socket - USRIOT
Serial device server generally renew firmware through following ways. 1. Renewal through serial, which generally provided supporting software of upper computer 2. Renewal through TCP, UDP, FTP or TFTP protocol, which generally provides software of upper computer. 3. Renewal through http server, which is the common way for ordinary router to renew.
USRIOT software is a platform developed to fulfill the communication between device and device (or upper computer) and realize the transparent transmission of data and the monitoring of devices. If you need set service of “software + hardware”, there is one-stop resolution; if you have hardware, there is private deployment service of
How to install Serial to WIFI Converter-USR-Wifi232-610 in V LAN Area and how to enter Gateway for LAN Wired?
This manual is to introduce the transparent transmission test procedure of USR-G761w(industrial modem).
1.Login USR-CLOUD systemWebsite address: 2. Add two devices.CLOUD system(registration for first time)3. Add group list: device->group lis
Q:【What is the product model?】:USR-TCP232-410S(serial to ethernet converter)【Where do you purchase the products?】:Online 【What's the firmware version?(You
Data is transmitted to V-COM through TCP232-302
GSM Modems-USR-GPRS232-730 does not connect, at the AT command AT + CIMI comes the answer ERROR 58.