Technical FAQ

The serial ports of the two 302s can be connected directly. 302 and the IP of network device should be on the same network segment.
Industrial Router USR-G806: Issue of can not forward traffic through the PPTP VPN You can set the parameters of industrial router USR-G806 as shown in the following figures.
How to change the industrial router password? Not able to change the wifi password. The following sreenshots are how to change the wifi password of industrial router. If the default 12345678 dosent work, I suggest you to restore the USR-G800(industrial router) to factory defaults, the default password is
How much storage have this serial to Ethernet converter USR-N540? Network send buffer 16Kbyte, receive buffer 16Kbyte. Serial port send buffer 2Kbyte, receive buffer 2Kbyte.
Question:1. How to buy 4-way network IO controller USR-IO424T-EWR - , how to pay? 2. If one connects to the USR via Web-Browser, can one simply switch any or al
How to Realize Transparent Transmission between Two Serial Device Servers? One serial device server USR-TCP232-410S works in TCP Server mode and another serial device server USR-TCP232-410S works in TCP Client mode.
Question:【What is the product model?】: Serial device server/RS485 serial to Ethernet converter USR-TCP232-304 【Where do you purchase the products?】: USR IO
How to Reset the 4G Cellular Router USR-G808?
Queations about 1 port Serial to Ethernet Converter USR-N510
Can the USR-C210 be Configured to Work in Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) Mode?