WiFi Series

Hardware connection: 1\ make PC join the wifi of module A Login ,the account and the password are both admin Set it AP mode, the IP :
Network Topological structure:Under the host mode, network-side can inquire or set input or output port through command; in the meantime, 485 serial can also co
How to install Serial to WIFI Converter-USR-Wifi232-610 in V LAN Area and how to enter Gateway for LAN Wired?
1.Login USR-CLOUD systemWebsite address:http://console.usriot.com/ 2. Add two devices.CLOUD system(registration for first time)3. Add group list: device->group lis
File version: V1.0.01Jinan USR IOT Technology Co., Ltd.Connect PC to G781 LAN interface and power G781. And you need download a Xshell 5 software. Note: Please
OverviewThis manual is the RF test manual which includes the test preparation and test procedure. 1.Test preparation1.1.Hardware connectionHardware connection
USR-WIFI232-B(WIFI Module) RF tool RT5350QA User Manual
This manual introduces the method to upgrade WiFi Module-USR-C322 Web Server.
This manual introduces the method to upgrade WiFi Module -USR-C322 firmware.
This manual introduces the HTTP Client mode of high-performance Serial to WiFi Converters. In this manual, we take USR-WIFI232-602 V2 as example to test.